Finished Guillotine Earrings – Custom Laser-Cut Jewelry Collection

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We love a little glamorous horror, don’t you? These custom guillotine earrings are laser-cut from natural wood in a light birch (photo 1) or golden oak (photo 2) finish with a gray acrylic blade and blood red glass beads dripping from the bottom. Even though they are big, they are incredibly light and comfortable for all-day wear. The wood pieces are are approximately 1″ wide and 2 3/4″ long. The entire earring, including the ear wire is approximately 3 3/4″ long.

The earrings are hung on antique gold French ear wires. If you prefer, the ear wires can be changed to sterling silver for an …


We love a little glamorous horror, don’t you? These custom guillotine earrings are laser-cut from natural wood in a light birch (photo 1) or golden oak (photo 2) finish with a gray acrylic blade and blood red glass beads dripping from the bottom. Even though they are big, they are incredibly light and comfortable for all-day wear. The wood pieces are are approximately 1″ wide and 2 3/4″ long. The entire earring, including the ear wire is approximately 3 3/4″ long.

The earrings are hung on antique gold French ear wires. If you prefer, the ear wires can be changed to sterling silver for an additional $2. Both include clear rubber stoppers to prevent loss.

All earrings are packaged in an organza bag, perfect for gift-giving!

Because of the properties of natural wood, colors may vary slightly from piece to piece. Other colors of wood, as well as colored acrylic options are available. Contact us with any questions!

Additional information

Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 0.25 in
Earwire Type

Stainless Steel, Sterling Silver




Aged Wood, Light Birch

129 reviews for Finished Guillotine Earrings – Custom Laser-Cut Jewelry Collection

  1. jacklyn

    So cute and lightweight! I’ve been on an earring shopping spree and these may be my favorites!! 10/10 would recommend <3

  2. Noah

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  3. Addison

    Very cute, feels high quality and has received many compliments!

  4. Rachyl

    these were amazing my friend cried when she received them! they are very sturdy and lightweight so they won’t hurt your ears. Plus the packaging was very cute

  5. Rachyl

    the items came quickly and were exactly as pictured, plus they came in a pretty bag with earring backs

  6. amie kirk

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  7. Alisa Mehlo

    The earrings look beautiful and don’t feel heavy!

  8. Mary

    They’re so small and light and adorable!!

  9. Gwyn Torio

    THESE EARRINGS ARE SUCH A SLAY!!! They are super fun and cute. Shipping was great; it arrived on-time. Very pleasant experience!!!

  10. ZG

    I honestly love this product and I've gotten plenty of compliments on them

  11. Roswell Newton Vargas

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  12. unicornsareawsome42

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  13. Nick Trimby

    These are awesome !
    My wife loved them !

  14. Haley Straight

    stunning earrings!!! My best friend are going to absolutely love them, thank you 🙂

  15. A

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  16. Lexi Robertson

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  17. ichigo2491

    the guillotine earrings are so cool, my sister is going to love them

  18. Autumn

    Love these earrings, they are super cute and well made. 10/10 =]

  19. Cleo Trumbull

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  20. Donna C

    These earrings are soooo badass. I bought one for me and my best friend.

  21. Denise Hazlett

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  22. annamarieoommen

    I bought these earrings as a gift and she has worn them every single day since! They are gorgeous and look way more expensive than they are. Seller was also very helpful and communicative! 10/10 would recommend.

  23. Abby Rolen

    Very nice and arrived fast

  24. Kylie

    I love these earrings!!! Shipped very quickly, packaged very well. Thank you!

  25. bigheadchainmail

    I love these so much

  26. t cara

    Loved them! they are great quality, love the mixed materials!

  27. Stephanie

    Beautiful earings! I've gotten so many compliments.

  28. Becca

    These earrings are just adorable, and are very lightweight for their size. They shipped quickly and are a great addition to my collection.

  29. Laura Johns

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  30. L. Todd

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  31. Helen Shutika Kobayashi

    These were a birthday gift for my friend she absolutely adores them! They’re super cute and good quality.

  32. Hannah Elise McFarland

    Well crafted with quality material without breaking bank. This pair of guillotine earrings are an instant favorite. I can wear them just as easy casually as I can formally without looking too out of place. These are the best modern guillotine earrings on the market and will age well as the decades pass.

  33. katie

    Super cute ♡ exactly what I've always wanted.

  34. Erin Gonzalez

    thank you. great communication. love my earrings!!

  35. Hannah Fiedler

    This seller was really helpful. I placed an order for these earrings, but the package got delayed in transit. It seemed to be lost, so I reached out around 2 weeks after the expected delivery date. The seller immediately sent a new pair that arrived in a couple days! The other package also turned up shortly after, so thankfully it wasn't lost forever.

    The earrings themselves are gorgeous and very ominous.

  36. Existential Crisis

    This was amazing. I got so many compliments!!! They are super light too

  37. Sara Vert

    Super cute, really nice quality!

  38. Asia Stockwell

    These are fabulous!! I’m super excited to wear them and see what kinda looks I get! 😂😂

  39. Laurie Allyn

    These are so cute!

  40. trish cather

    I've already received many compliments and comments on them.

  41. Emily Henry

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  42. Jackie Williams

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  43. Maggie Nash

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  44. Quacked Diamonds

    Very very cute just like the picture

  45. Annabelle Thomson

    Super cute earrings! slightly larger than I expected but still manageable. the first package I got had two earrings but on one the blade piece was missing. I contacted them on Etsy and I got sent a second package with only one completed earring to complete the pair. perfect service! 🙂

  46. Alexandra Shaw

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  47. Nicole Dennis

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  48. Lyndsay Oxenberg

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  49. jinxleah

    These are very nice earrings. Even though they are rather large, they are also very lightweight so they are comfortable to wear.

  50. ChiickiieNuggiies

    Super cute and totally worth it!

  51. sunnybee

    GORGEOUS my partner loved them as soon as he saw them 🥺

  52. Elisabeth Thorington

    These are fantastic! So many compliments when I wear them. thanks!

  53. Arianna Minguez

    These earrings are the cutest thing ever! I got these for a friend's Birthday, and I think she will absolutely love these. Delivery was also very fast! Highly recommend!

  54. Maggie Lovern

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  55. Ameira Al-Rudhan

    my friend loves horror! these were absolutely perfect for her birthday!

  56. Lindsay Aljian

    I get so many compliments on these, plus they're so light weight!

  57. Erin Harper

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  58. zrabbi

    They are truly stunning, love them!!

  59. Kaira Mathis

    very fun earrings, have received compliments.

  60. Austin Hemmestad

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  61. Tessa Baker

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  62. Melissa Cansler

    these are fantastic. they are definitely the new stars of my earring collection.

  63. Parrish McCrary

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  64. Lindsay Wister

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  65. The Wandering Hobbiest

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  66. Margot Berland

    Super qualité, article conforme à la photo, rien à redire ! Tout était bien emballé et très mignon. Je les mets en manif la prochaine fois 🙂

  67. Summer

    Bought these as a gift, and my bestie LOVES them! Design is super unique, and they feel sturdy as well 🙌🏻🥳

  68. CJ

    These are so cute! Large, but very light. My one complaint is that the "blade" part is plastic but appears metal in the photo, but that's on me for not reading the description close enough. Still very nicely made, and the beads are a great touch that set them apart from other similar options.

  69. Brittany Riegert

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  70. A

    They’re such good quality! I’m so so happy with these earrings. I absolutely would order from this store again!

  71. Grace

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  72. Jenna

    wonderful and perfect for the occation

  73. Greg Ceppi

    As amazing as I expected!

  74. Rebecca Rojano

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  75. Corrie Murray

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  76. Jessica Renae

    My favorite Etsy purchase recently, lightweight and super fun. I get compliments on them every time I wear them.

  77. Jennette

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  78. Rhiannon Overman

    Super cute! Came quickly, and looks just it's pictured

  79. camiekahle

    Super cute and not too big! They're really light, so they don't tug on my ears.

  80. Varecia Wilson

    These earrings are absolutely gorgeous. I’m in love with them. Do note that the blade isn’t actually metal. I was a little surprised, but not displeased. Absolutely recommend.

  81. Hadra Schrimsher

    Great earrings, made well as described with attention to detail.

  82. A

    This is my second pair of these earrings and they’re for my mom. She absolutely loved them and as with the first the quality is amazing! Absolutely 10/10 would recommend and buy again

  83. Jordan Hebert

    Oh my gosh these are SO perfect. I’ve literally never been so happy to open earrings. 10000/10

  84. Samuel Sine

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  85. Elizabeth

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  86. Carissa Santangelo

    These earrings are so cute! Lighter than I was expecting, and more comfortable than I thought they'd be given their size. I've gotten lots of compliments on them.

  87. Professional Waffler

    Saw the earrings on tiktok and knew I had to get them, absolutely no regrets!

  88. Bea

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  89. Sarah Harlow

    I love these earrings!! I’ve gotten so many compliments on them

  90. Alyssa Castaneda

    First off, the earrings are gorgeous. They’re lightweight, but very quality work. They also don’t irritate my ears at all even after a long work day, and I’ve gotten several compliments. Secondly, the price was great, the earrings shipped quickly and I had no troubles! I absolutely recommend giving them a shot if you’re eyeing them

  91. Haley Pixley

    They arrived so so fast and they are so cute!!! I love them <3

  92. Kathleen McHale

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  93. Tiffany Harz

    Got these as a gift for my coworker and she absolutely loves them! I did a lot of research too, these were the cutest ones with tassels! And GREAT price!!! Super Fast ship also!!!

  94. Katherine

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  95. Harmony

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  96. Taylor

    Order was neatly packet in a super cute sachet. They’re absolutely stunning!

  97. Liz

    SO CUTE! Good shipping, nice packaging. 🥰

  98. Sign in with Apple user

    Really lightweight, good quality earrings. The color of the wood is really nice, and I love the red beads. Going to order another pair to give to my sister. Thank you!

  99. Jamie Wetzel

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  100. Melissa Giroux

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  101. ava f

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  102. Santi

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  103. softball1188

    Absolutely adorable and great quality. I was looking for more eclectic earrings and that’s exactly what I found. I’ve gotten tons of compliments so far!

  104. missjm2

    I love these earrings! So cute!

  105. Baiiley Beach

    These are so detailed and stunning!

  106. susan gordon

    I have gotten a lot of compliments on my guillotine earrings, from my fellow activists.

  107. Rebecca S

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  108. Megan Riedl

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  109. Abigail

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  110. Elizabeth Malone

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  111. AshleyJoy24

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  112. Erin Potter

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  113. dragonswitch

    Great quality. I've already received a lot of complements on them.
    Exactly as pictured, the little blood drops add a extra touch. I love them.

  114. Ryan Robertshaw

    I love these!!! So well made and they are beautiful. Also an amazing conversation starter!

  115. Pamela

    Review has no content.

  116. Megan Alkins

    Amazing earings and super duper fast shipping. It was a gift for my sister and she screamed when she opened the package. I am buying more for me and my Mom. It was also packaged very nicely I didn't need to buy another gift bag.

  117. Noriko Shihada

    I love them! The earrings are adorable and they shipped very fast.

  118. Elizabeth Thornton

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  119. Blanca ST

    Son una monada, favorecedores y un poco intimidatorios 😅. Muy buena calidad. Me encantan! 💜

  120. Kat

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  121. Birchview Haven

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  122. FrauBizarre

    These are g[l]orious! My absolute new favorites, especially for contract negotiations. 😈

  123. Kyleen

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  124. Kate

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  125. Kasey Cordell

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  126. Echidna simp

    They are GORGEOUS I love them so much and the little blood drops are such a cool touch

  127. Lee Guthrie

    Very nice, comfortable, and lightweight!

  128. Lyndia M

    LOVE these!! I wear them every chance I get ☺️

  129. Hazelaar

    I loved these so much that I also bought a second pair as a gift for a friend. I love the mix of materials, and they're a great size (not too big or heavy).

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