Envelope Addressing

Envelope Addressing

Formal envelope addressing is a little more complicated than sending your average letter. How you address a formal invitation should let people know exactly who is invited, whether it’s just the adults, the entire family, or if single guests get a plus one. See our helpful hints below on how to properly address your envelopes!

You also want to convey that your guests are important to you. For that reason, simply printing out some plain address labels and sticking them on the envelopes is usually discouraged by wedding etiquette experts. We always suggest either hand-addressing them (personally or by a professional calligrapher) or by digital calligraphy where the the addresses are printed directly on the envelope.

Uniquely Inviting does offer envelope printing services on most envelopes for just $0.25 per response envelope, $0.25 per main envelope return address, and $0.50 ea. per guest address. Addresses are printed in same fonts and colors as the main invitations. Download our address template now to get started!

Envelope Addressing Helpful Hints

  • Using Inner Envelopes: Some invitations include inner envelopes, most of ours do not. In that case, the outer envelope should be addressed formally (i.e. Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and Family”). The inner envelope can be more informal, but should list childred individually from oldest to youngest (i.e. John, Jane, Timmy, and Katie). This helps clarify exactly who is invited to the wedding.
  • Not Using Inner Envelopes: If you do not have an inner envelope, the outer envelope should be addressed formally, but can include the names of children on the second line, if desired. Otherwise using “…and Family” after the couple’s name is acceptable as well. For example:
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and Family
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
      Timmy Smith and Katie Smith
  • Abbreviations, as a general rule, should not be used with the exception of titles (Mr., Mrs., Mrs., Dr., etc.). States and street names (including street, avenue, boulevard, east, west, etc.) should all be spelled out.
  • Return addresses should be on the back flap of the outer envelope, not the top left corner as usual.
  • Apartment numbers should be listed on a second line, as:
    • 101 Main Street
      Apartment 5B
  • Married Couples: Their names should be included on one line. They can be listed as:
    • Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
    • Mr. John and Mrs. Jane Smith
    • Dr. Jane and Mr. John Smith
    • Mr. John Smith and Ms. Jane Carter-Smith
  • Unmarried Couples: The names of unmarried guests should be placed on separate lines, with the name of the person you know better on the first line. If you know both guests equally well, the woman’s name should go first. For gay couples, go with alphabetical order.
  • Single Guests: If you are inviting a single guest with a plus one, it’s best to find out the name of their guest and include it on the invitation. If you don’t know the name of the guest and are using an inner envelope, the outer envelope should say “Mr. John Smith” and then the inner envelope should say “John and Guest”. If you’re not using an inner envelope, the envelope should say “Mr. John Smith and Guest”.

If you have any other questions regarding how to address your envelopes, please contact us. We are happy to help with any questions you may have!