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LGBTQ+ Wedding Invitations

Love is Love with a variety of LGBTQ+ pride flags

Here at Uniquely Inviting we celebrate all love! Back in 2014 when legal same-sex marriages were still just a hope, we started an offshoot of our business called InviGAYtions to focus on LGBTQ+ wedding invitations for those who were having trouble finding supportive vendors. Being a proudly LGBTQ+ owned and operated business, we wanted to make sure that couples had a place to turn. We have since incorporated InviGAYtions back into our main business, and still take pride in designing everything from traditional, elegant invitations for local couples to Star Wars-themed lesbian weddings overseas.

Some of our clients really want to celebrate the marriage equality/pride aspects of their wedding with rainbows and equality signs.  Others want invitations to reflect their wedding theme, colors or location.  For me, it’s great getting to come up with custom designs that really reflect the couple I’m working with.  There are definitely challenges to working with a pride color scheme and having them still look like wedding invitations.  Rainbow designs can very easily slip into the territory of looking like a kid’s birthday party invitation, so it’s all about striking that fine balance between colorful and elegant.

Regardless of who’s getting married, pretty much all couples, straight or LGBTQ+, have the same concerns: how to word their invitations and address envelopes, whether or not to include parents’ names, how to handle meal choices and accommodations info, etc.  With heterosexual, cisgender weddings, there are literally hundreds of years of etiquette guidelines and formatting that are still pretty much followed to this day.  With LGBTQ+ ceremonies there are only a few years of history.  It’s really just a matter of figuring out how to take some of the traditional elements and make them work in a more modern context, or how to completely throw them out and come up with something entirely new!

Pride is all about celebrating you, and we are more than happy to figure out whatever ways to incorporate what makes you, you into your invitations. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Congratulations on your engagement and Happy Pride!

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